The fitness boot camp will teach you once and for all how to get and stay in shape through effective nutrition and exercise. You won’t have to worry about figuring out an exercise plan because a qualified caring instructor will be right there with you providing all the guidance you need.

You will become more flexible by incorporating different types of stretching into your routine. This will help eliminate pain and tightness from a lack of flexibility. You’ll feel much better throughout the day.


Also, mentally you will become sharper. Exercising in the morning (or in the evening) will give you a huge sense of accomplishment and the feeling that you’re ready to take on anything. Your thoughts will be clearer and your productivity will increase.

Here are some other tips and benefits you’ll get in the Long Island boot camp:1st Rugged Maniac Training Class 006

  • A strengthened core from body weight exercises
  • Firm and powerful legs from squat and lunge variations
  • Increased fat burning and a leaner look from the intense workouts
  • Not only will you burn fat during the workout but you’ll continue to burn fat after the workout as well. In addition you’ll learn to eat in a manner that will enable you to burn even more fat.
  • Muscular endurance from upper body exercises such as push up variations

In addition, you can also schedule a fitness assessment (for a discount) before and after the camp to see your actual results.

This boot camp will get you on your way to being in your best shape ever. You’ll burn fat, build muscle, and feel great. The workouts will challenge you just enough to get the results you desire.


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